Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tonights Show Cancelled Computer Is Toast !

Sorry about the cancellation but the comp has been sent out for service.

Hopefully we will see ya next week !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tonight At 9 PM ! NHL Talk and Hockey Card Chat.. Plus Your Chance to win a Semi- Fabulous Prize

Another edition of Hockey Card Night Live hits the Internet airwaves full of passionate opinions and discussion the Hockey Card Collecting Hobby and the NHL Hockey that has transpired over the past week since we last aired.

On this particular show instead of opening a rack pack live we will be giving away a an autographed Petr Prucha puck away to a caller or chatroom participant who can accurately predict the outcome of the Florida Panther/Calgary Flames game that starts at 9:30 EST so be there early !

Always fun and informative, Hockey Card Night Live is chock full of Hockey Opinions and Hockey Card Chat from the only people who really count.

The Hockey Fans themselves !

The Show is 90 Minutes long and starts at 9 PM EST

To hookup with the show and our Chatroom just click  :


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Better Late Than Never ! Hockey Night Live Airs Thursday October 7th 9-10:30 PM EST

Tonight we talk about Hockey Cards as the first day of the NHL season begins. We will also be talking about memorabilia and the recent memorabilia scandals surrounding the NFL and Major league baseball.

I hope to have a memorabilia expert on and hopefully get our loyal listeners predictions on how the NHL final standings will shake out after it's all said and done.

Plus we will be opening two rack packs of 09-10 Upper Deck Series 2 live !

The show airs from 9-10:30 Tonight !

Feel free to join us in our Hockey Card Night Live ! Chatroom as the show streams live.

To listen to the show Live or Podcast Click below :

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Weeks Show To Air Live On Thursday Night 1/30 9 PM EST

This weeks Hockey Card Night Live ! show has been rescheduled just for this week to Thursday Night at 9 PM, as I will be in NYC on Friday attending the Rangers game versus the Senators.

Our inaugural show went very well and I think we covered a lot of topics, some of which were very basic about the hobby, but I am sure as the show evolves, so will the intensity and depth of the Hockey card discussion itself.

I wanted to thank both Mark and Matthew for helping me with the discussion as well as all the good people who joined us in the chat room.  I surely had a lot of fun talking puck with hockey fans and collectors from all over the country.

I am sure this weeks show will be a blast also and I hope you can join us Tomorrow, Thursday at 9 PM EST

As a Bonus we will be opening Two Victory retail fat packs containing the SP red cards Live !

Feel free to join us in our Hockey Card Night Live ! Chatroom as the show streams live

To listen to the show Live or Podcast Click below :

At the beginning of The show there were some technical difficulties, after about 8 minutes the show begins.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Debut Show of Hockey Card Night Live ! Friday Night 9/24 9 PM EST

I am pretty excited about doing this show as I think a lot of us are because we all share an enthusiasm for a hobby that combines the great love of a game that at least here in the United States has a cult following and card collecting hobby that may be just even more underground.

The passion level of the Hockey Card collector in my opinion is like none other, I find myself going to card shows and talking any persons ear off if they have even a rudimentary interest in collecting hockey cards.

That's why I made the show, because I love talking hockey and the card collecting that surrounds and supplements it. 

In addition, I love to learn and there is a whole lot I don't know about the hobby.

Now for the show itself, it will be hosted by myself Eddie Gieck and Jim Schmiedeberg.  

Jim surely knows his puck but as far as hockey card collecting goes he is a complete newbie. 

So his role is going to be our resident lab rat as we introduce him to the wonderful and sometimes addictive world of Hockey Card Collecting.

The main goal of the show will always be fun and I can promise you that. Some of the other things we are looking to cover is release dates & updates, new product reviews, and  on air pack, box breaks.

And from time to time special guests.

If you have any other ideas on what we could do to make the show more enjoyable, feel free to post an ideas here or email me at

All the info you need is right here to listen to our first show.

Hockey Card Night Live ! Chatroom

To listen to the show live or on Podcast Click here :

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